Bang Bang can be personalized to your needs: big or small, corporate or personal. We cater any size event to make your wedding, baby shower, birthday (and more) a very special day. 


 We are happy that you are considering catering with Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits! We have adorned the tables at weddings, office parties, showers, birthdays and more. There are a variety of savory and sweet options available, and we will collaborate with you to create the spread of your dreams! Just let us know a little bit about what you have in mind by clicking on one of the options above. 

Extended "wedding pie menu"  and pie tastings are available upon request.


Our events and catering manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible about inquiries made. Custom invoices can be made upon request so you are set up as well as possible to make your choices.  Once a menu is decided, we use Square invoicing to confirm the order, and payments may be made online to complete the transaction. No deposit is required for wedding catering or otherwise.

All orders for 12 people or less is not considered catering, and you may come in to one of our shops to place an order to go. If you wish to order less than 5 pies, simply call one of the shops up to 7 days in advance. 


We require 48 hours notice to place an order, fulfillment is subject to availability. Any off-menu pies will require at least two weeks notice. 

Most orders under 20 people can leave our shop beginning at 8AM on the weekdays. Most orders under 20 people can leave our shop beginning at 10am on the weekends. All orders are subject to availability. 

If an order is not paid within 24 hours of delivery or pickup, the order is not necessarily confirmed.


We use Uber Rush to complete our deliveries, and rates are dependent on location. Please inquire for a specific rate. There is a 10 minute variable in pickups and delivery, based on Uber's conditions. We ask for a cell phone contact so you can receive "real-time tracking" from Uber with updates on your delivery time.


Make our Biscuit Bar a part of your next brunch of 12 or more!



(minimum 12 orders)

Biscuit + Jam + Butter

3.75 / person

Add Protein - 2.00 / person

Choice of : Maple Glazed Ham, Ginger Sage Sausage Patty, Candied Bacon

Add Scrambled Eggs - 1.00 / person


SIDES (serves 12)

Vegetarian Gravy - 16.00

Sausage Gravy - 22.00

Cheddar Grits - 19.00

Collard Greens - 19.00

Smashed Avocado - 22.00

Farmers’ Salad - 37.00

    *mixed greens, seasonal fruit, seasonal vinaigrette

Fresh Cut Fruit - 37.00

Build Your Own Mini Parfait Bar (4oz., 12 ct.) - 32.00



Signature Biscuit Box (12 ct., includes jam + butter) - 42.00

Mini Signature Biscuit Box (12 ct., includes jam + butter) - 30.00



Extra Fresh-Made Butter (8oz.) - 5.00

Extra Seasonal Jam (8oz.) - 5.00

Hot Sauce Bottle (3 oz.) - 7.00

House-Made Granola - 9.00



Whole Pie : Fruit - 32.00 / All Other Pie - 28.00

(See our Seasonal Pie Menu Here)

Seasonal Fruit Crisp (feeds 25-30) - 60.00

Pie Fries (12 portions) - 24.00 (cinnamon sugar or sea salt + black pepper)

Chocolate Chip Cookies (order of 12) - 18.00

Hand Pies (order of 6) - 18.00



Hand Pies (12 count) - $36
(Inquire for our Seasonal Savory or Sweet options)

Personal Chicken Pot Pie (5 in.) - 10.00 ea.

Family Style Pot Pie (9 in., serves 6-10) - 40.00



(Minimum of 50 bites per order)

Avocado Biscuit Bites - 2.50 /ea.

Ham Biscuit Bites - 2.50 /ea.

Goat Cheese Biscuit Bites - 2.50 /ea.



Pre-Sliced Pie into 8's or 12's - 2.00 / pie

Kraft paper boats w. Blue Gingham / Plasticware / Napkins - 1.00 / person

To Go Pie Wedges - 0.30 ea

Chafing Set (aluminum pan, 2 sternos, wire stand) - 11.00 ea