Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits continues Midwestern cooking traditions eager to serve up our unique take on hospitality, decadence & Cafe life.  Visit Us:  2051 North California Avenue.  Three Blocks South From California Blue Line.  Free Parking Along California Avenue

Bang Bang Pie Shop is many different things to each of our guests depending on the day of the week you stop in.  We are your daily stop for our delicious custom roasted coffee blend on your way to the train, your table to work on your latest project or your side yard to celebrate a loved ones birthday.  

Though the shop tends to be much livelier as the days build towards the weekend, we are always a neighborhood hub of conversation, creativity, and friendship frequented by hungry pie and biscuit seekers.  All whom are looking to fill their bellies with hearty and delicious treats.

The one thing you should know about us, we value the food we make as much as the guests we serve, Chicago is our city, Logan Square is our Neighborhood.